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Frequently Asked Questions

We are returning to an in person exchange in 2023.
When can I begin registering for OPE 2023?

Registration for the Oshkosh Placement Exchange will open on Monday, November 14th at 8:00AM Central Time. 

How much is the registration fee?

Employers who attend the Oshkosh Placement Exchange 2023 can expect to pay $400.00 to register. Registration comes with one interview space and one position listing. Additional interview space is available for $125.00 per space, and additional listings are available for $50 per listing. 

There will be no cost difference in registering early or later on. The price will be the same.

This price is an increase from the last time we were in person. We had not raised prices since 2016. In an effort to offset costs to our canddiates, we are attempting to create a fair price for our employers, and making that one that can cover costs so that candidates can register for free. Our projections show that the $400 buy-in, with the same employer numbers we have recently seen, will allow us to bring in more candidates which we feel benefits us all.

Further, the Network for Inclusive Excellence was an additional opportunity for employers to sponsor scholarships for travel, contributing to the OPE social on Saturday night, and creating a space in the conference center for advice. In making the adjustment to $400.00, we are able to further supporting the goals and values of Network for Inclusive Excellence. All candidates being able to register for free is our version of the scholarship for 2023. The small registration cost increase is how we are able to manage that this year.

When can I schedule interviews?

Once candidates and employers are registered, they can begin planning interviews based on their own availability after January 1, 2022. The interviews will be scheduled through your registered OPE account,.