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During OPE you will be possibly be invited to Socials hosted by specific institutions, metro areas (Chicago Area, Minneapolis Area), or even regions.

Institutional, Regional, and Metro Area Socials:

Socials are hosted by individual institutions, or an organization (such as a metro area or region). The host of these socials will determine how invitations are passed.

For some institutions, if you are interviewing at OPE, you will receive notice about their social, for others if you are an alumni of the institution (or metro area or region) you will be invited, and yet others will only extend limited invitations based on criteria determined by their team.  OPE does not determine the invitation practices for each social.

If you are invited to a social, it is typically a “dress/business casual” event and a place to grab snacks while getting to know that institution more personally as well as an opportunity for you to connect with more members of the interview team.

As socials are scheduled around the typical interview hours (morning or evening), there will be multiple socials scheduled at the same time in various spaces. If you have multiple social invites, and some of which conflict, you will need to determine how much time you will spend at each social and/or if you are truly invested in attending every social.  After all, you will only be able to accept one position, so consider socials as an opportunity to determine your level of commitment for that institution or position.