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After OPE

Following Up After an Interview

First of all, it is important to touch base and thank the interviewers for their time. Also, It is important to thank them for their consideration of your candidacy. How you go about thanking them is up to you. Typical ways to reach out include an emailed or handwritten thank you note. Some institutions will say if they have a preference toward one form or another. Otherwise, stick with what fits with your personal style.

After OPE

There are many other processes that take over in the Residence Life & Student Affairs worlds. So, depending on their hiring timeline, it may take institutions some time to reach out after OPE. During your interview, It is common practice to ask institutions what their timeline looks like; which will help you to be informed moving forward in your job search.  When you are in doubt about following up with a certain school, it is important to consult with your mentor to work through the best way to reach out.

Continuing to Apply After Attending OPE

After OPE, it may seem like all the hard work is done but you may be worried about what happens next as you are waiting to hear from your interviews. At this time, it is tough to say whether to continue searching or to rely only on your leads from OPE. During this period, it is the perfect time to get connected with your mentor and discuss your feelings and thoughts after OPE. As a result, you may choose to continue to apply elsewhere or you may even think about other placement exchanges depending on how you are feeling after OPE. Most of all, remember that you are never alone as you continue through your job search. Your mentor is one of your greatest tools, be sure to utilize them as you navigate these difficult decisions.