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Diversity Award Winners

The Minority & Friends Network Diversity Award recognizes an outstanding diversity program that has been presented during the 2015-2016 academic year.   The winner receives a “Commitment to Diversity” plaque that may be displayed on their home campus. In an effort to recognize Network sponsors who are offering programs on their campus to promote diversity.
2014: Western Illinois University

2013: University of Wisconsin Platteville

2012: Illinois State University

2011: Ferris State University

2010: The University of Iowa

2009: Ball State University

2008: University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

2007: Wright State University

2006: Middle Tennessee State University

2005: Middle Tennessee State University

2004: East Carolina University

Travel Grant Winners

In an effort to support candidates who are entering the field of higher education, the Network awards 2-5 travel grants during the M&FN portion of the OPE Social.  Minority & Friends Network sponsoring institutions are able to nominate candidates for the travel grant.  Each nominee, then, must submit an essay highlighting their philosophy of diversity and how they have applied this philosophy in their higher education experience.  The essays are judged by a committee, and the travel grant winners are selected.  Travel grant winners receive a $500.00 award.  Since the award’s start in 2001, more than fifty (50) young professionals have received travel grants from the Minority & Friends Network.
Total Awards Given:  53

2016 Travel Grant Winners:

  • Brittney Ahring
  • Raven Robinson

2015 Travel Grant Winners:

  • Karen Anaya
  • Rachel Mills
  • Isaac Ortega

2013 Travel Grant Winners:

  • Adam Iserman
  • Calvin “Chase” Logsdon
  • Maggie Roque

2012 Travel Grant Winners:

  • Anna Dickherber
  • Tamarah Dixon
  • Katherine Lasota
  • JaNomia Smith

2011 Travel Grant Winners:

  • Bethany Keuter
  • Caitlin “Cat” Polivoda
  • Toddrick Jenkins
  • Justin Schuch

2010 Travel Grant Winners:

  • Joshua Gaisser
  • Zachary Gazzard
  • Daviree Velazquez
  • Nicole Wilburn
  • Denika Wilson

2009 Travel Grant Winners:

  • Beth Erickson
  • Stephanie Milner
  • Sofia Pablo-Hoshino
  • Maryke Taute

2008 Travel Grant Winners:

  • Christopher Jones
  • Joseph Kelley
  • Jeremy Moore
  • Jordan O’Connell
  • Stephanie Reed

2007 Travel Grant Winner:

  • Juan (Coco) Du

2006 Travel Grant Winners:

  • William Huff
  • Jennifer Markin
  • Dannie Moore
  • Exlee (Steely) Pegg

2005 Travel Grant Winners:

  • Michelle Fitch
  • MarcQus Wright

2004 Travel Grant Winners:

  • Vivek Arunkumar
  • Justin Frederick
  • Heidi Hilleson
  • Ednisha Knighten

2003 Travel Grant Winners:

  • Ramona Bolden
  • Tanya Kozlowski
  • Michele Linder
  • Tatiana Patterson

2002 Travel Grant Winners:

  • Vicka Bell
  • Joshua Burdette
  • Thadtisha McCoy
  • Jason Ramirez

2001 Travel Grant Winners:

  • Erica Hawthorne
  • Kimberly Strong
  • Cindy Torres
  • Aracelis Vazquez