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Resumes & Interviewing

Resume Basics:

Provide an objective that will help the employer understand what your intentions are for seeking a position at their institution. The objective should also indicate what experiences you are seeking within the position.

Provide an indication of computer familiarization — institutions seek individuals with basic knowledge of computer hardware/software. This can be illustrated on a resume in various ways — under your “Name/Address,” list your e-mail address. Also, within the body of the resume, indicate your computer hardware/software preferences and levels of familiarity.

Languages — employers appreciate knowing what candidates will be able to assist with multiple student groups where language barriers exist or have existed in the past.

“Show Me the Beyond…” This is the “what have you done beyond the job expectations” category. Some housing/res life/student affairs experiences are generally expected in this field; however, it is also important to indicate what has been done beyond typical job expectations. For example, include if you assisted with the development of an RA Council, coordinated an event like “Take Back the Nite” event, or was the point person for Community Service Projects like Habitat for Humanity. When comparing candidates, employers look for what is more marketable than a list of the obvious. Institutions seek individuals that will enhance a housing/res life program — not just those that can maintain the status quo.

Resume should be “C & C”: Candidates should keep in mind that the resume is the introduction of self and therefore your resume should be “Clear & Concise.” Employers only have so much time to review a resume and it should be obvious that once an employer reads the resume, they will find all that is essential to justify an interview.

Picking Colors for the Resume: I have a tendency to encourage candidates to stick to the basic white or soft pastel color for the resume. Drawing too much attention to the resume (i.e., having a Fuchsia or Lime Green resume) can become more distracting than attractive.

Consider using different resumes for different positions. If your job search includes interests in residence life, programming and activities, or multicultural affairs, your resume should reflect this in the focus.