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Scheduling Info

Pre-Scheduling Information and FAQ

Pre-Scheduling Candidates: You may pre-scheduling candidates only after you have setup your interview space.  To pre-schedule candidates, click on the desired time slot.  The pre-scheduling function will pop up.

Why do I get a message that I can’t schedule a candidate at a time my schedule is open?

It is likely that the candidate has a conflict at this time.

What if I can’t find a candidate on the menu?

▪ The person is not registered with us as a candidate.

Can I print my schedule?

▪ You can print your schedule at different stages:

▪ After the room setup wizard.  This will be for all conference days.

▪ At the pre-scheduling page.  This will be both for a specific day or for all conference days.

Scheduling Tips

  1. Schedule a break or two for yourself throughout the day.
  2. Don’t schedule interviews back to back all day.  Quantity and quality are two separate terms for a reason.
  3. Leave at least an hour for lunch and have a lunch plan.  The eateries around campus are often packed from noon-1:00pm.
  4. Leave enough time between interviews to take notes while candidates are fresh in your mind.
  5. Spend time in the morning with your interview team to get caught up and review what you want to accomplish for the day, and review lists of candidates.


For questions or problems with scheduling, please contact OPE at 920.424.3226 or email

Scheduling Tips

  1. Use the interview calendar to keep track of your interview appointments.
  2. Do not get discouraged about the initial number of interviews you may have.
  3. Schedule breaks between interviews so that you may arrive at the floor lounge or waiting area early to review the institution brochures and displays.

Avoid back-to-back interviews as much as possible.  Unless they are on the same floor, you may have trouble getting there on time.  Remember, employers can fall behind on their schedule too.  This also leaves you time to write thank you notes, check your mail, and prepare for the next interview.

Scheduling Terminology

Break Time: A block of time in which you do not want to schedule any candidates.

Administrative Room: A work room or office for you.  If you designate a room as an administrative room, you will not be able to  schedule any candidates in that room.

Pre-Conference Setup

Room Setup: This is the first step in the process.  Follow on screen instructions to complete this.

Adding an Interview Room: To add an additional interview room, contact OPE Registration at or call 920.424.3226.

Pre-Scheduling Closing: The pre-scheduling function will be available through Saturday, February 24th.  

Changing Break Times: To change your break times once your schedule has been set, click on a time slot and add that time as a break time.  To open a break time and set it as an interview time, click on the break time and open that time slot for candidates.

Interview Team: To update or change your interview team, you must contact OPE Registration at or call 920.424.3226.

Changing or Adding Positions: To change or add position listings, contact OPE Registration at or call 920.424.3226.