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This week on the blog we wanted to share a statement from one of our friends in the field: Dr. Cathy Bickel. Dr. Bickel has attended many OPEs through the years and is a dear friend to many. Here is what she had to say about OPE:

The Oshkosh Placement Exchange (OPE) has had an incredible impact on my ability to be successful as a recruiter/employer for 35 years.  What a luxury it has been to attend a well-run, friendly, service oriented exchange that attracts outstanding candidates from all over the United States.  I cannot imagine trying to recruit residence hall directors and graduate students without the OPE system in place.  The real benefactors are our candidates who have an affordable “one shop” place to meet future supervisors, colleagues and faculty in person. The formal and informal OPE environment for both employers and candidates  reflects the caring and supportive nature of our Housing and Student Affairs profession.