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Hello All,
It was with a heavy heart that we announced just yesterday that the Oshkosh Placement Exchange in 2022 will no longer be offered in person. We have been carefully watching COVID-19 related trends and spikes, reached out to many, and took feedback from you in making this decision. It sure creates a bittersweet feeling knowing we will not see you all next month. But we know this is for the greater good. Thank you for continuing to support OPE during these tough times. We want to continue being a help to our field to both candidates and employers. Without you all, OPE would no longer exist.

As we revert much of our systems and communication to prepare for virtual/listings options, please know there may be delays. We are working on processing refunds, updating our platform, and scheduling of several other projects within the scope of OPE. That is not to say we are not working diligently on these currently! We are just wanting to say these things will not happen as quickly as our announcement was made and the announcement was made first and now we are responding at the speed that we can.

If you have feelings you would like to share, please email our office, give us a call, or respond to the Blog here. We are all processing this in different ways, and we all need to have those feelings. They are valid. Let us know how you feel, and if there is anything we can do to help.

  • Chris