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Hello Everyone, We have not had a blog post in a little while, so lets catch up! OPE is still available for searching currently until September 1, 2022. If you are an employer or a candidate that is in a search, there are new candidates and employers still joining regularly. It is not too late to begin your search with us!

We are in the early stages of developing tools that will improve OPE. Surveys and interviews are being reviewed to help us find out more about the success stories found during OPE. We are wanting to collect more information about the employer side and the candidate side. OPE wants to continue being an advocate and a supporter of the field of student affairs. We fully expect to launch some of these tools in the next year. We hope you will share your successes, your shortcomings, and your wish-lists with us so we can improve OPE moving forward.

Last, I want to share that we have every intention of making OPE 2023 an in-person event. We were so very optimistic that 2022 would be in-person, and following the guidance of the time it made the most sense to move to online listings-only with short notice. Right now all signs show an in-person event in 2023 is likely. We hope to see you in Oshkosh Feb 23-26, 2023.


  • Chris