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Hello All,
Now that it is officially 2022, we are SO excited because OPE will be here soon. We cannot wait for our halls to be adorned with posters, to hear the hustle in the hallways, and to see all the cool promotional materials shared. Remember when posting that the wind and humidity can effect how well posters stay up during the conference, so take care to make your materials last!

EMPLOYER POSTING: A finite amount of space is available for institutional displays and postings. Postings may not be put up prior to Thursday morning. We encourage you to be considerate when placing displays and promotional items in the waiting areas. To ensure posting space is available for everyone to post items, we respectfully request you limit the number of posters displayed, particularly in the same area. If there are excessive postings by an institution, OPE staff will request for posters to be removed or relocated. 

 For safety reasons, no posting is allowed on the floors (tile, carpet), in stairwells, or in elevators; any postings in these areas will be immediately removed. Additionally, posting is not permitted in any restrooms. Any items used to promote your institution may not block exit signs, hang from or be adhered to ceilings, or cover lights. Postings should be hung using poster putty or painters’ tape to prevent damage to our facilities. Please be mindful of sustainability efforts and take steps to appropriately recycle or reuse materials.