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Preparing for Interviews

Types of Interviews

With changing technology, there are numerous ways that institutions may choose to interview you either during or prior to OPE. Keep in mind that each institution has a different style, as well as different expectations surrounding interview practices, so it is challenging to say that your experience will be like another candidates. The following are some examples of interview types you may encounter:

Phone Interview: Phone interviews are conducted much like an in-person interview and they are used as a screening tool for candidates. They are likely brief in nature if it is the beginning of a hiring process. Expect questions designed to get at who you are as a professional, some of the experiences you have had, what qualifies you for the position for which you are applying and why you are interested in the position.

Zoom Interview: Zoom/Teams/Skype interviews are much like phone interviews with the added bonus of being able to see the interviewers. This takes some of the non-verbal guess work out that you would likely encounter while doing a phone interview. Consider where you decide to do your Zoom interview and pay attention to what may be visible in the background of your setting- remember that all of that plays into the overall picture of you as a candidate.

In-Person Interview: This is the kind of interview to expect during your time at OPE. Like mentioned previously, each institution has their own style of interview- you may have one, two, or more interviewers. You will also see some variation in the types of questions asked, which are dependent on the type of job you are applying for. Prepare yourself for any possible questions by utilizing our interview question document found on our site. The more you can practice and understand yourself and your experiences, the more polished you will come across. Remember that there is a fine line between being prepared and sounding scripted. Allow room to let your personality shine so they get to know you as a person.

Group Interview: If you are going to experience a group interview it will likely occur at an on-campus interview. The intent of a group interview is to understand how you and the other candidates conduct yourself in a team setting. Try not to overthink this interview and participate in the group as much as you would typically in other settings, employers want to get a realistic picture of who you are.

On-Campus Interview: This type of interview will be an entire day, if not more than one day. You will be invited to an institution, and will spend your time meeting, being interviewed by, and dining with students, potential colleagues, campus partners, and potential supervisors. There are many different stakeholders that are part of an on-campus interview, and remember to take the day one interview at a time. Be yourself and speak honestly about your experiences.