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Hello Everyone,

Today I wanted to share about our OPE Travel Scholarship. OPE recognizes that many people are not able to afford to travel and participate in job placement exchanges. And without candidates coming to seek jobs, there would be no reason for us to have an OPE. So we provide things like our registration discount to candidates who choose to lodge on campus at UW Oshkosh. And we provide travel scholarships worth $250.00!

These scholarships are made possible through contributions to our scholarship fund. There are two ways we raise money for the Travel Scholarship Fund. One is through employer contributions to the Network of Inclusive Excellence. The history and purpose of the Network of Inclusive Excellence dates back many years, and it has been known by many names, and has always been a support network for those who are marginalized, under-represented, and often representative of first generation learners. To learn more about the Network for Inclusive Excellence, please see the corresponding page on this website.

We also fund these scholarships through donor contributions. Some contribute less and some contribute more, but all the money goes toward helping someone who needs it to get where they are going. OPE would like to take this moment to highlight Chris Jones for the ongoing efforts he has contributed over the years to ensure the Travel Scholarship at OPE can continue and be broadly available to as many as we can. Thank you Chris, it means a lot.

If you would be interested in making a donation to support the James M Chitwood Travel Scholarship, please contact OPE Staff and we can direct you on how to make a contribution.