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Hello Everyone,

Wherever you are today, I hope you are experiencing rest, peace, and a chance to relax – the Fall semester is quickly coming to a close and you’re doing great!

We received an inquiring email in the OPE inbox not long ago asking if OPE is made up of only opportunities in the Midwest. I told them I could not comment on the coming year at that time as registration had not opened yet, but could confirm in the past the representation spanned across the country consistently.

Well, now that we are a week into registration, it is my pleasure to share that at this time we already have institutions from 17 different states signed up as employers! We have representation from 3 time zones. We have states as far as on the Canadian boarder, the Mexican boarder, and touching the Atlantic Ocean. And we have states all in-between.

So never fear, dear Candidate! There will be a broad range of offerings, and plenty of them outside of the Midwest!

Thanks for the great question! Keep them coming!