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This week on the blog we wanted to share another statement from one of our friends in the field: Becky Gwinn. Becky has seen OPEs from both sides of the event – as a candidate and as an employer. Here is what she had to say about OPE:

Throughout my time at OPE, I have always had a beneficial experience. Being able to go through such a stressful time in life with a staff of people at OPE who always greet you with a smile, and feel a sense of genuine care from them meant so much to me throughout the two times I was candidate at OPE. OPE was such a great opportunity for me to learn and grow while also being able to connect with so many people at so many different institutions that I otherwise would have never come in contact with. I have also experienced OPE as part of an employer team, and can definitely say that the same hold true for the connections you are able to make as an employer. Being able to set aside a weekend and fully dedicate your work to finding the next best fit for either you as a person, or your institution is a unique experience that is provided by OPE, and one that I have truly appreciated from both the candidate and employer lens.