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Forty years. Thousands of employers and candidates. Countless memories.

In 2019, the Oshkosh Placement Exchange celebrates its 40th anniversary. Forty years of providing an annual on-site placement exchange. As we reflect fondly on the journey that has led us to today, we are energized for the future. OPE occupies a unique space in the higher education community – an annual placement exchange in a consistent location dedicated to exceptional service and our shared profession. Be a part of our future.

As we look to the future, we’re thinking creatively about how to best serve you – our colleagues & future colleagues in higher education. Welcome to the OPE Blog. We’re excited to connect you with one of the most exceptional elements of the Oshkosh Placement Exchange – our network of professionals and their expertise. Whether or not your campus offers a preparation program or you have a trusted professional to guide you, the OPE staff wants to ensure you are prepared for a successful job¬†search.

Throughout the year, our OPE staff and guest bloggers will share their wisdom on topics related to a successful job search. Think of it as a virtual Advice Booth. Our blog topics will help you stay on task with your preparations and make sure you have a successful OPE. While our topics will focus heavily on the candidate experience, you can expect wisdom on the employer side as well.

As we begin posting blogs each month, we invite you to engage with us! Share our posts on Facebook or Twitter. Leave your thoughts in the comments. Reach out to our guest bloggers to continue the conversation. OPE’s commitment to your success in higher education extends far beyond the four days of our on-site placement.

We look forward to continuing to engage with our field for forty more years!