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Frequently Asked Questions

We are returning to an in person exchange in 2023.
When can I begin registering for OPE 2023?

Registration for the Oshkosh Placement Exchange is scheduled to open November 14, 2022. Registration will begin through our webpage starting at 8:00am Central Time.

Am I required to wear a mask when on campus?

Currently there is no requirement for wearing a medical mask on campus, but you are encouraged to wear one if you would like.

The Oshkosh Placement Exchange will follow the current policy on the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh campus. Policies about vaccination requirements or masking are subject to change at any time. 

The Oshkosh Placement Exchange and University of Wisconsin Oshkosh will follow all ​campus, local, state, and federal guidance regarding COVID-19. 

How much is the registration fee?

Currently the candidate registration fee is ZERO Dollars. Registration for all candidates is FREE for 2023.

The leadership team made the decision that supporting candidates and removing as many economic barriers as is possible was important to our mission. The price reduction comes in place of travel scholarships offered in the past. We are doing our best to offer an experience that is affordable and worthwhile.

Where can I stay in Oshkosh?

We are offering a lodging program on campus. Candidates are elligable for the on campus lodging. On campus lodging is going to cost $175.00. That includes any dates of stay starting with check-ins Wednesday Feb 22 and check-outs on Sunday February 26. Lodging will be in Residence Hall rooms on the UW Oshkosh campus. All rooms will be double occupancy. The online reservation form for lodging is now available on this website.

If you are not interested in lodging on campus, there is a list of local motels on this page under the Scheudle heading or you can CLICK HERE

Can I park on campus?

Candidates will be allowed to park on campus for the event free of charge. Candidates are asked to park on the first level in the Parking Ramp next to Gruenhagen Conference Center. The first level includes the ramp up to the second floor – up to spot 148. 

If all spots on the first floor of the Parking Ramp are filled, please overflow into Lot 13 (north northwest of the ramp on the other side of the tennis courts). 

Interactive Campus Map Link

Starting in 2024 parking will be paid for individually by attendees. All questions about parking should contact our Parking Services Office (

When can I schedule interviews?

Once candidates and employers are registered, they can begin planning interviews after January 1, 2023. The interviews will be scheduled through your registered OPE account.

How do I know if OPE is right for me?

Rest assured, that OPE is one of the most widely recognized, trusted and historically significant placement exchanges in the United States. We have hosted OPE on the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh campus for over 40 years, and are known for our service and professionalism.

The Oshkosh Placement Exchange is an employment platform in which employers (colleges, universities, residential boarding schools and other professional foundations) from across the United States list positions in the field of student affairs that broadly reflect the amazing and rewarding career opportunities within the realm of higher and secondary education. These employers list an array of positions that include: graduate assistantships, full time entry level, full time mid-level, and in some cases part time positions. OPE has always provided an exceptional platform for the connection of these employers to job seeking candidates. We serve as an employment clearinghouse that connects these employers to professionals throughout the United States. Our platform has succeeded in tens of thousands of successful employment matches. We survey our candidates and employers, and over 98 percent have stated they would recommend OPE to others.

If you have more specific questions about the Oshkosh Placement Exchange, and want to learn more, please email us at or call us at 920-424-3226. We look forward to serving your employment needs.