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How to Reserve an On-Campus Room for OPE

Hey Everyone, If you are a candidate looking to get in on that free registration deal with have going on for OPE, let me show you what you need to do! Check out this video where I show you where to find our room reservation form, what the form will look like, and how...

OPE 2022

This is a post to let everyone know the team here at University of Wisconsin Oshkosh are busy dusting off all our great OPE posters, pictures, boxes, and promotional items. It has been a long time since the last time we have seen all these things out. As we begin to...

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Welcome to the OPE Blog

Forty years. Thousands of employers and candidates. Countless memories. In 2019, the Oshkosh Placement Exchange celebrates its 40th anniversary. Forty years of providing an annual on-site placement exchange. As we reflect fondly on the journey that has led us to...