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Message Center

The OPE Message Center, located in the Titan Lounge, is the post office of the Oshkosh Placement Exchange. The Message Center offers the means for candidates and employers to communicate. Employers with interview space in the Alumni Welcome and Conference Center (AWCC) have their own Message Center.


Message Center Tips

  1. Each candidate and employer will be assigned a specific mailbox number that will be confirmed after receipt of all registration materials.  This mailbox number is very important and should be on all correspondence you send out before or during OPE.
  2. Candidates deliver and pick up their own mail.  Check your mailbox often!
  3. Message forms are provided for candidates and employers.  A small number of these forms will be included in your on-site registration packet.  Additional copies are available in various location throughout GCC.
  4. Do not stuff mailboxes indiscriminately.  Do not apply for positions for which you are obviously unqualified for or which do not genuinely interest you.
  5. Be prepared to receive lots of "stuff" (folders, cups, etc.) from schools that you interview with, as part of their recruitment efforts.