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Questions from a potential employer

Questions you might be asked by a potential employer

1. What attracted you to our institution and/or position?

2. Why do you feel you are qualified for this position?

3. What are some of your long range and short range goals and objectives and how have you prepared yourself to achieve them?

4. What do you hope to accomplish personally and professionally in this position?

5. Give an example of a successful theory-to-practice experience? Give an example of an unsuccessful theory-to-practice experience?

6. What human/student development theories do you use in your daily professional life?

7. Describe your ideal job.

8. Define success.

9. What is your approach/philosophy toward student discipline?

10. What is your approach/philosophy toward programming? Can you give us some examples of programs/activities you have planned and/or presented?

11. What are some of the challenges/issues facing new professionals?

12. What is your management style?

13. Have you had previous experience in supervising staff or other individuals? What was their level of responsibility?

14. How do you hold staff accountable to their responsibilities?

15. How do you deal with conflict?

16. How do you deal with ambiguity?

17. What computer skills do you possess?

18. Have you ever had to terminate an employee?

19. How would you answer a charge that one of your actions was racist, sexist, or homophobic?

20. What training and development experiences have you had?

21. How will you help those you supervise pick and choose their battles?

22. Describe a crisis situation that you’ve faced and how you handled it?

23. What has been the most difficult decision that you’ve had to make?

24. What is your style in dealing with conflict/confrontational situations?

25. How do you prioritize your time and activities?

26. Do you have any experience advising student groups or organizations?

27. What do you see as the major challenges/issues facing students today?

28. What experience have you had working with special populations of students? What do you feel are the special issues facing males/females/athletes/students of color/international students/gays/lesbians/bi-sexual students?

29. What 2-3 things are most important to you in a job? Why?

30. How would you deal with the transition of a staff who was supervised by your predecessor?

31. What transition issues do you think you will face as you are offered and accept this position?

32. What do you expect from a supervisor?

33. Do you plan to take classes?

34. What characteristics do you work best with; what characteristics frustrate you when working with another person?

35. What did you enjoy most and least about your current/last position?

36. Have you ever quit a job? Why?

37. How/why did you select your college/university?

38. Who are your role models?

39. What do you consider as your greatest strengths? What are the areas in which you need improvement?

40. What would your staff members list as your strengths?

41. What is one of your proudest achievements or accomplishments?

42. How do you respond when your opinion is in the minority?

43. How would you explain a policy to your staff that you may not agree with in theory, yet must enforce?

44. What do you do in your spare time? How do you deal with stress?

45. Tell us about an article or book you’ve read recently which had an impact on you personally or professionally.

46. What other positions have you held? How were they obtained? Why did you leave?

47. What do you do to keep yourself motivated? How do you motivate others?

48. What questions do you think we should ask that you didn’t get a chance to answer?

49. What are four things I will remember about you after this interview?

50. Why should we hire you?