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Interviewing Tips

Types of Interviews

Conference Interviews – Initial interview(s) which are used to screen. The goal is to get an offer to come to the campus. The interview usually last 30 minutes and will take place at a small table with one or two representatives from the school. Expect to be in a large ballroom with up to 100 of these tables in one section where interviews are also being conducted. Candidates will have a mailbox issued during registration. Check your box and read the employer updates that lists institutions offering positions. While OPE itself is similar in scope to this model, you will not be in a room with 100's of tables when at our conference.

Telephone Interviews – May replace a conference interview or follow-up a conference interview. This may be a conference call with two to three staff from the office in which you hope to work. These will usually last 30-45 minutes. The employer will ask the candidate for a reasonable day and time to call the candidate. Pick a quiet place to receive the phone call where there will be no interruptions or distractions.

Campus Interviews – Can last all day. The candidates may be evaluated during meals and travel from/to the airport/bus/train. The interview will usually consist of a series of interviews with different individuals or groups throughout the day. You may be interviewed by students and people from other offices. You may be asked to make a presentation. (If the interview is out of town, you want to attempt to arrive a day early or stay an extra day to get a chance to explore the area and campus.)