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Minority & Friends Network



The 39th Annual Oshkosh Placement Exchange marks the 25th Anniversary of the Minority & Friends Network at the Oshkosh Placement Exchange!  It is time to begin thinking about registering to be a Minority & Friends Network sponsor at the upcoming Oshkosh Placement Exchange.

We ask you to consider serving as a Minority & Friends Network Sponsor. Your sponsorship of $250 provides direct support to OPE candidates as well as access to several benefits for your campus. You can register to become a sponsor via MFN Sponsorship Registration. Additional information about MFN sponsorship and registration details are attached to this message. The deadline for registration has been extended. Registrations are due on or before February 2, 2018. If you have colleagues who have mentioned their interest in becoming a Network sponsor, please forward this information to them so they can join our illustrious group of Network sponsors!


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