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Advice from Employers

Submitted by Janet Walls and Dr. Andy Beachnau, Grand Valley State University

Be comfortable introducing yourself to people you do not know, and do so…this happens in many informal situations (shuttles, food lines, etc.).

Be able to articulate the skills you can bring to the organization.

Read the printed materials on institutions available in the floor lounges. Do some research on schools prior to your arrival at OPE.

Maintain professionalism throughout the conference. Know what you are looking for in a position…interviewing just to get the most interviews is not the best approach.

Dress professionally, but comfortably.

Submitted by Carolyn "Waz" Miller, East Carolina University

When entering the Residence Life field, have a genuine passion for helping students: this will not be easy or an 8-5 job, but one of rewarding experiences and growth.

When preparing for OPE, work on your resume early, be completely honest and have several people provide feedback on it. Remember that your resume is an employer's first impression of YOU! Make it professional, creative and impressive.

Come to OPE with prearranged interviews: this will save you time/effort on site and waiting in. Don't go crazy setting interviews. Have criteria: some will be definite yes's, some will be no's, and some will be maybes. Immediately communicate back with your yes's and no's, holding on to your maybes to see how your schedule looks. Know in your mind what is most important to you.